About Terva

Our mission is to make the world's farmland information accessible.

Terva, founded in 2016, is an online real estate marketplace that makes finding land easy and enjoyable for farmland professionals.

Terva serves farmers, landowners and real estate professionals when buying, selling, renting, appraising and prospecting land. It starts with Terva's database of more than 26 million acres of Iowa farmland and more than 3,000 arms-length transaction records. 

Terva is dedicated to empowering farmland professionals with data, insights and knowledge around farmland, while connecting them with the best local professionals who can help.

Terva believes in a future where 100% of the world's farmland information is accessible and universally useful.

Terva Leadership

  1. Steven Brockshus
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Thomas Hornbeck
    Chief Technology Officer
  3. Isaac Ingersoll
    Chief Marketing Officer
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Terva is in the business of making the world's farmland information accessible. Headquartered at the intersection of town and country, the Terva HQ overlooks the beautiful cornfields of Ames, Iowa - with an additional office in Des Moines. If you'd like to help build great software for one of the world's most important industries, please contact us.
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